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How to choose a wedding makeup and hair artist.

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Everyone wants to look impeccable on their big day. Gorgeous hair and flawless skin that lasts all day/evening.

How do you select a makeup and hair artist.


About 6-8 months prior to your wedding, start asking your friends or family about an artist they have used and loved.

If you have attended a wedding and you love the bride's hair and makeup ask for the name of the artist check her portfolio online.

Check online for a bridal artist in your area and check their portfolios.

2. Trial is one of the most important step in selecting your artist. Bring in photos of the look you desire. And make sure you book your appointment in the morning to see how the makeup lasts throughout the day. It is a good idea to book the trial on a day of your photoshoot.

3. Take a look at the artist's kit and makeup brushes. Using dirty sponges and brushes can cause bacteria, transferring the bacteria into the products and right into your face causing you to break out and clogging your pores.

4. Talk to your artist about the location, bridal party and timings of your wedding day. Discuss the number of people getting ready so the artist can be prepare to have everyone done in a timely manner.

5. Book the artist immediately if you are happy with the trial. A good makeup artist will be booked months in advance. Talk to the artist about booking details and signing a contract. If you aren't happy with your look go back to your list and start all over

6. Do not choose a budget makeup artist for your special day. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Choose quality.

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